Inspired by Anne Sexton’s poem ‘Her Kind’, this group show attempts to reveal whether any progress has been made since Anne Sexton’s era and present new kinds of women in our modern society now. IMUR unites four unique female artists from various cultural backgrounds to complete this task. Their creativity is filled with their perspectives of this topic. Each of them has a story to tell, and a specific style of art to present. More importantly, each of them is one of Kind.

3 Nov -  4 Dec 2022

Openning: Thursday, 3 Nov 2022, 6 - 8 pm

Curators: Ivy Sarioglu, Jing Zhao

Artists: Sidra Hassan-Brown, Ayşe Raziye Özalp, Nathalie De Zan, Adriana Carballido

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Afternoon Tea

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Walk-In or
By Reservations
Wed-Sat  12pm-4:30pm

Relax and enjoy a cup of tea with the art! We prepare food based on the number of people in your reservation. Reservations are required for full afternoon tea experience.